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Noodle conoce a Charanya Ravi [Entrevista]

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#1 Escribió el primer mensaje de este tema Publicado: Vie Oct 14, 2016 7:26 pm - Título del mensaje: Noodle conoce a Charanya Ravi [Entrevista] Responder citando

Esta entrevista fue publicada hace una semana en la página web de Jaguar. Les dejo el link y las citas de ambas (si tengo tiempo, me fijo en traducirlo)

Charanya Ravi: “At school I played a lot of instruments – flute, piano, violin, saxophone[.] And, academically, right up until my GCSEs I did a lot of art, all of which I really enjoyed. But I loved maths and physics too, and when it came to A-levels, those subjects stayed with me and drove me towards engineering. Also, growing up, I loved watching Formula 1. When I went to university I got to grips with the technical aspects of motorsport and realised how many opportunities there were. It suddenly stopped being just a sport and started being a career option.”

Noodle: “It’s a baby – just two years old – and it only uses electric cars. Think of all the research and development into electrical engines! It will have benefits for the whole world, so I want to nurture it, support it and help it grow strong. Like one of those Tamagotchi. Remember them? Japanese invention.
[... My inspiration comes from o]riginality[;] sakura in springtime; soba noodles; speed; explosive chemical reactions; people that work selflessly to help others; art; manga; music; magic; travel.”

Charanya Ravi: “Everything [about moving from India to Britain when I was 11] was so different, from friends to school to climate[.] It was just a whole new experience and I was trying to understand a whole new culture.
[...] Playing music, and playing it on lots of different instruments, just made me so happy! I can play the western flute and the bamboo Indian flute; I learn one thing and then I want to learn something else. But I never considered a career in music – it’s always been a hobby. It’s different from work. It’s relaxation, escapism.
[...] The beauty of maths? Well, it is a puzzle to be solved and the answers are either right or wrong. Growing up, that certainty was quite nice. With my other interests in music and art, it’s very, very subjective. You never know if you’re correct. I liked that certainty and precision in maths. No grey areas!
[... Physic]’s about being able to relate what you’ve learned to actual life; to relate it to me as I walk down the road. Physics is not abstract – you can actually see it. Think about Newton’s Laws of Motion – every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Think about gravity… These things help you understand how we literally walk on the earth.”

Noodle: “My qualifications [to be a Global Ambassador for Jaguar Racing] aren’t exactly conventional, as I didn’t go to a regular school[.] My education was more covert ops and combat training, but that’s all I can say about that. However, I am governed by the laws of physics like everyone. The speed my fingers move over my guitar; the rate of deceleration of a bullet as it passes through a zombie’s brain; how high 2D jumps when he sees a little mouse. If you can see beauty in the numbers and processes around us, I believe you are qualified.
[...] Growing up as I did, I missed out on some of the regular things teenagers do. Yes, I’ve toured the world, played arenas, beheaded zombies and machine-gunned pirates. But it would be nice to make some normal friends and just, you know, hang out. Maybe my new Jaguar teammates can help me with that. Oh and making tea, the English way. Murdoc says my Japanese tea tastes like the devil’s tears. I’m not sure if that’s a compliment.”

Charanya Ravi: “I was modelling in CAD, and I was also able to work in the computer in CFD[.] What I also really enjoyed was being able to test in the wind tunnel. Everything worked at such a fast pace. I could design something and then in about 10 days be able to hold the part in my hand and test it in the wind tunnel. I was able to be part of the full cycle.
[...] I can’t tell you too much in detail because it’s all fairly confidential[.] But let’s just say I worked on the rear end of the car, on the rear brake duct winglets.
[...] I became a vehicle dynamics engineer. Now, two years on, I’m a performance engineer on the Formula E project with @JaguarRacing. This means that while we’re at race events I’ll be working closely with the driver to look at the data from the car and identify areas we can improve for better on-track performance. And because we are a small team the role is really diverse. When we’re back at the factory I get to work on lots of different areas of the car – suspension, energy management, and I particularly enjoy working with computer simulations.
[...] Absolutely[.] This industry is so good because it’s purely results-driven and the focus is more on your capabilities. In such an environment it’s fantastic because it really doesn’t matter about your gender. If you’ve got the talent, and you are driven, and you can get the result, gr­eat – you’ll get the same opportunities as a male counterpart.”

Noodle: “I hope to enhance my understanding of progressive automotive racing technology and safety features, but mostly I want to inspire a new generation of engineers to follow in your footsteps. And if there’s time – how do you say – ‘kick some butts’ on the racetrack. When do I get the keys?
[...] I wish to inspire more women to get involved with engineering, and promote sustainability in the automotive industry[.] I also want to work on my wheel spins and donuts[.]
[...] It is too easy to destroy what we have, and it takes gr­eat effort to protect it. But we humans are smart. Well, maybe not 2D. He thought The Exorcist was a work-out video. But the rest of us have the power to change our world. Progress has caused many problems, so let’s use progress to find tech-advanced engineering solutions to solve them.
[... Jaguar and I can empower women b]y example. By believing in what I do. By working hard. And by proving that women can do anything men can do… and lots of things they can’t.”

Charanya Ravi: “Also, the perception of an engineer is totally different from the reality[.] You don’t have to work in a dirty environment – I don’t come home in an oil-covered boiler suit. [...] I enjoy working in a hands-on environment[.] I want to work with the products I’ve designed, not just work with them on computer.
[...] We’ve had so many decades working on conventional engines and conventional automobiles, so it’s understandable that there’s still such a gap in the technology for electric vehicles – in comparison, that research and drive has only been happening for a short time. So this industry has a gre­at opportunity to give a lot more oomph to drive that tech forwards. And if you think about it, Formula 1 helped engine development so much in terms of the normal combustion engine. So Formula E presents a golden opportunity to do the same for electric vehicles.
[... The message about the importance of eco-friendly cars i]s getting there[.] But no one really questions why they’re wasting this water or that bit of electricity. We do, still, take things for granted. It’s a simple truth: we do need to focus more on alternative energy sources.”

Noodle: “Look, you can’t persuade a teenager to do anything. Just show them it’s cool. At the moment, the word ‘engineering’ has a bad rep. It sounds so dusty and dry and boring. But it’s not. Engineering is apps, 3D modelling, graphics, design, computer science – stuff most of them are already into without realising it. Schools need to find a way to explain it better… that engineering isn’t calculators and weirdoes in lab coats. It’s pure creativity, a place to use your imagination to really, truly change the world. I can’t think of much that’s cooler than that. Well, except Gorillaz.
[...] You’re asking me to choose between playing a face-melting guitar solo and burning rubber on a race track? Next question.”

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Sin Rango

Reg.: 20 Abr 2010

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#2 Publicado: Vie Oct 14, 2016 9:39 pm - Título del mensaje: Asunto Responder citando

Me sorprendió mucho cuando vi el video de Jaguar.

Y rescato varias cosas muy buenas acerca de la noticia:

    Empezar a darle más voz a la Formula E. Un GRAN paso. En mi entorno no sacas a las personas de que los autos de combustión, madmaxianos.

    La lucha de genero esta de nuevo ganando terreno y poner a Charanya, su historia y pasiones se me hace un gran acierto.

    La animacion de Noduro esta exquisita

ese casco though...

Fue una buena jugada para Gorillaz y Jaguar.

Jaguar le manda un mensaje a la gente joven y Gorillaz se promociona en grande.

Esta quote está para tatuarsela:
...[engineering] It’s pure creativity, a place to use your imagination to really, truly change the world.

Gran idea, buena ejecucion, gran entrevista, Gorillaz pisa fuerte.
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Mensajes: 16776889

#3 Escribió el primer mensaje de este tema Publicado: Lun Oct 17, 2016 7:19 am - Título del mensaje: no Responder citando

But we humans are smart. Well, maybe not 2D. He thought The Exorcist was a work-out video.

Pobre 2D, ahora hasta Noodle lo molesta.
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Murdoc Niccals

Reg.: 12 Ene 2016

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#4 Publicado: Lun Oct 17, 2016 1:04 pm  Responder citando

Y aún así hay quien piensa que son novios.
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I ♥ Cyborg

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#5 Publicado: Mar Oct 18, 2016 7:37 pm - Título del mensaje: Asunto Responder citando

A lo mejor sera ese tipo de amor y odio a la vez. Tal vez Noodle sea una Tsundere.
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Reg.: 13 Dic 2016

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#6 Publicado: Mar Dic 13, 2016 10:44 pm - Título del mensaje: Re: Noodle conoce a Charanya Ravi [Entrevista] Responder citando

how high 2D jumps when he sees a little mouse.

Ya no hay respeto, carajo  Laughing  Laughing  Laughing
Muy buena entrevosta y muuuy bueno el mensaje que deja, a mi parecer  Embarassed
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