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Tuve la rara idea de transcribir esas letras que aparecen en los booklets digitales de Plastic Beach. Hay muchas oraciones y frases sueltas, probablemente de canciones que no quedaron en el álbum, así como otras de canciones que ya conocemos.
No está completo porque hay algunas aparecían así. También hay otras que estaban escritas a mano, y me costó mucho entender que rayos decían (aprende a escribir bien, Damon!...).
Como sea, aquí están:


plastic beach

it’s a casio on a plastic beach
it’s a polysytren –
it’s a storyfoam deep sea land fill
the morning after a 1 year pill
it’s automate computer speech
it’s Mario with plastic speech and a plastic beat
it’s polystyrene ebb and flow
in the can yons
in the hidden – way – down below

it’s a polyurethane make shift –dome—
plastic bag trees in no signal zone
our sun it’s a tiny dot in the milky way
Plastic guns and gamma ray


Empire ants

Oh joys are us
The sun has come to risen to exalt us
The empire ants are coming out again
The polyphonic prayer is
Man cast on beach sees only you

The unkindness of ravens fly above you
So mighty engines don’t fail now
The emptiness the song just leaves beh in hd
The falling of the whole empire
So mighty engines don’t fail now the empires
Is tzis stillness that e feel, the doldrums

Again come to hold you
Is roar to the sea
The blood is open the blue


Of the mountain
Unknowing plastics
Darkness tonight
Get crazy

Paralytic dreams
That clearly remember the end
And so look at the future as origin

Throught to MR LIGHT



Up on melancholy hill
There’s a plastic tree
There’s a landing tree
(?) sings to the –
As hard drug ballons
Cast (?)



Ballon party

Drinking last year watching this one ripen
You who I have so so rely offended your forgiveness
Like a distant peak that I have set out to climb in time

Under sky greyer than pylons
An ancient spectator of the electric with
A horse by the train track I caught it staring into the abyss

Oh joys are us

Future pixels in chemical curdle
Oh sea of dragnet oh sea of life

We have gone mad the wind farms know it is

The great emptiness the fuel leaves behind

Rom any point here there is distance
Diluted hills gentle warm hues of memory
Place mats
Sub atomic conversations that stretch effortlessly across any give time and space
To know the contours that human experience (chart the jet streams) of
Confidence the dead calm of less
the night comes over you
it is my stillness on his hot hill I wait to be forgiven

Telecom skies
The mall of


You are just rolling in and caught again

To binge
To binge or not u der (g rey) skies
The ever changing
The temperature rise
That shattered feeling
Well the cause of it a lesson learnt
Just don’t know if I can role

Out of this dream again

Medicate nights now the pain

How many of us feel the same


Rising times

From the bottom
Comes a message
Like a sign wave
Make a halo
From the stone age
Like a rocket feel

The jet streams
Take the bubble


Cognitive heart
We live in the google

New york

Send us through to
Ill – dance under clouds

Love is and always has been the answer to our prayers


In the darkness
I am waiting

It’s hot star


Out the hot sun
In the memree
Everyday you’re the whale now
- the out price
Mad ad crazy

Wrapped in plastic pixel colours candy

Send the sound wave
To the jackal
On the boom moon
Calling out
Yourself out of depression

Your fish
We da glutter sub atomic in the bubble
Of the moon man
We da stone age
From the bottom
Mighty engines
Feel the force no



Electric ray
Flash light
From the bottom
Sing out of depression
Another midnight session
Ray another session
Love is like
State repression
It flows with the tide
Rising times

The molecules of
All dive wings



Distant starts
Come in black or red
I’ve seen their worlds
Inside my head
They connect with the fall of man
They breath you in
To breath you out again but there’s nothing
You can’t do for them
They are the force between
And when the sunlight is arising
There’s nothing you can say to him
He is in outta heart
And the space has been broken

Is it far away
In the glitter freeze
Or in our eyes
Everytime they meet
It’s by the light of the plasma screens
We keep switched on can through the night
Until we sleep

Then give a
Deep as they can
They dive but


Oh mighty engines don’t fail now
Curdles it’s death broes hot
-m the end of the line


Scary gargoyles on the –ers that we made
Plastic powers

Rhinestone blues
The factories far away

Future pixels in chemical curdle
Oh sea of magnet
Oh sea of life
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#2 Publicado: Jue Jun 02, 2016 9:41 pm - Título del mensaje: Asunto Responder citando

Con esto e notado que a Damon se le pego la mania de hacer booklets con letras y rayaduras de el, algo que desde TGTBandTQ lo esta haciendo.

En los booklets de Everydays Robots y The Magic Whip, Damon tambien coloco varias frases de quien sabe que, escrita a rayones.

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